Loving the functionality

Hey I just moved from zotero to trying paperpile as a full replacement.

Been really enjoying the ease of use and the tablet integration which is such a pain on zotero.

I have a few suggestions that either I am missing how to do something or maybe they can be enabled as options.

  1. I like to zoom in and write notes but the minimum pen size of 1pt is too thick still! can we get smaller pen sizes?
  2. Adding a shortcut to switch in and out of pen mode would be amazing. Currently it takes moving to top right then down to the pdf then across to bottom left. Which is horribly slow and breaks the flow a lot. Would it be possible to put all the pen stuff at the bottom and always on so we can switch in and out of writing notes in a tap?

I know there are probably much more urgent features but these two would really help the UX so much for people like me who want to write notes on tablet with a stylus.

Please let me know if I’m missing some obvious settings option.


@sanalphatau for your question 2, the toolbar can be moved to top, left, or right. If you move it to the top, it is somewhat similar to what you are asking, however, one downside is that it blocks the settings, search etc menu. But easier to turn on and off pen mode. While reading, you could keep it on the whole time and use pen to write and finger to scroll, no?

Always on sounds like preferable to some, while not others. I’m just glad the menu can be moved. By default it is on the left but I prefer on top as the left menu sometimes blocks left side of the paper content.