Managing whitespaces depending on citation format

Hi, when changing citation style, most formats require whitespace before the citation (e.g., “This was previously done on rodents (Smith et al., 2020)” has whitespace before the opening bracket), but some styles don’t (e.g., “This was previously done on rodents^5” ← the “5” is supposed to be in exponent form, without whitespace).
So switching between the two types of style is messy and requires adding/removing whitespace for every citation.
Taking this into account would be much welcomed.

Thanks for the request, @Victor_Nozais, and welcome to our forum! This request has come up before, so I’m adding your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker. Updates/improvements for the citation dialog are scheduled to be prioritized after releasing some of what’s currently on the pipeline, at which time the team will be able to consider solutions for this and other requested features.

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Thank you! You’ve got a great product, it’s nice to hear that you continue to improve it.
Have a great day,