Manual editing of citation details

This is a citation/style query that I can’t see how to solve in Paperpile.
I wish to reference a statement by Author A who is cited in the the work of Author B. Something like this:

“As AuthB shows us in this passage by AuthA, the original idea was quite different.” (AuthA 1913 in AuthB 2012)

Is there a way to do this in PPile or is my best option to separate out the citations?

Thanks for reaching out here, @John_Brisbin! You can add multiple citations to a single item, then use advanced edit options (click the in-text citation > pencil icon > blue bubble) to customize the in-text citation:


Please be aware that depending on the style you’re using, multiple sources in an in-text citation will likely be sorted alphabetically (notice how in the screenshot above, the blue bubbles are inverted to the text). If that’s the case, I’m afraid you would have to separate citations or do this formatting manually.