Manually add PDF no longer working

Recently I’ve been unable to add PDFs manually to an existing Paperpile reference. The buttons ‘Choose file(s)…’ and ‘Choose folder’ are not clickable, and PDFs dragged into the box are not understood as input (chrome just opens the file in the tab). Manually adding PDFs used to work for me using this account and computer etc., so I don’t think (?) it’s a local problem.

Try manually restarting the extension: Go to More Tools --> Extensions in the Chrome menu, then flip the switch on the Paperpile card off, then on again, then reload your Paperpile tab.

Thank you - this seemed to solve the problem!

The problem of being unable to manually attach PDFs has returned for me. I’ve disabled and enabled the Paperpile extension and restarted Chrome, refreshed the tab etc. No success this time.