Mark as Read + Citation Reference Preview



I just started using Paperpile and so far it works pretty well :+1:
Here are two questions that I have:

  • Is there a way to get visual feedback in my library of which papers I have already read?

  • Can I somehow preview the citation as it would appear in my references section?
    This would be very helpful because at the moment I always go the extra mile and add the citation to a Google Doc and click “format citations” to check that.



There is no built-in way, but you can use labels to keep track of this manually. You can also spice up these labels with emoji:

To get a formatted citation, select the paper(s) and click the “Cite” button (or press Cmd/Ctrl + C). The papers will be formatted in your default style, which you can change via the triangle menu next to the Cite button.


Hi Jason,

thanks. Both suggestions work great!

Is there a way to update the library or plugin? Because when I am writing on my Google doc and adding a new reference to Paperpile I can not find it using the Paperpile Add-on or clicking Paperpile-Add citation.


Do you have any news on this?
I added a new paper a couple of hours ago and still can not cite it to my Google Doc because Paperpile wont find it…


That sounds unrelated. Does the title contain any special characters?

As a general trick, you can search using the citekey, which you can copy by selecting the reference in Paperpile and pressing Ctrl + K.