Markdown workflow 2023?

Hi, I’m writing my dissertation in markdown (using Scrivener). I need to wrap up the dissertation before the end of the year. Since Paperpile currently features neither Scrivener integration nor an officially supported markdown workflow I’m currently just adding placeholder notes in lieu of proper references. For a while, I have been quietly hoping that a working markdown referencing workflow would appear soon, but I’m running out of time.

Should I expect a working markdown solution before autumn 2023? In that case I could start inserting citation keys, if that’s how it will work, in my writing. (This thread has some discussion around that:

If not, I unfortunately need to plan a move from Scrivener to Word at some point.

Another option would be to download a JSON dump of my Paperpile library and create a script on my own to convert citation keys in my markdown files to proper references. I’m a decent programmer and could solve this, but I also have a PhD thesis to finish, aaand this is why we have citation managers, right? =)

All the best, E

Hi E,

I am using a similar workflow to yours, writing markdown in Scrivener and generate documents from there. Just want to share how I do it at the moment.

I am using Pandoc citekey (in Paperpile, it is the BibTeX key). Then, I used Scivomatic ( and pandomatic (, a brilliant suite of scripts that integrates pandoc and other filters that can replace those citekeys with proper references using the citation style guide that you want. The integration of the scripts takes a bit of fiddling, but as you said, you are a decent programmer so it could be a very easy task for you :). Pandoc will need the bibtex file, which can be obtained by using Paperpile sync to Google Drive functionality.

All the magic will happen when you Compile the document.

I wrote about this a few years ago and I am still using this workflow (Not so optimised academic writing workflow... · Zhao H.Koh)

Hope it helps.

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Thanks for the query, @snawbel. Although supporting markdown workflows is indeed planned, I don’t have a timeline to share at the moment and can’t guarantee it will happen by autumn. Things should be a bit clearer once the features currently in beta have been rolled out to the wider public in the coming months.

Thanks, this is really helpful! Almost there…