Massive trouble with external annotations


I recently started using Paperpile for managing my library. I use google drive to sync with my iPad. However, whenever I annotate my files directly on Drive, the files seem to be processed within Paperfile’s servers and the annotations become gibberish. It seems as if the linewidth got blown up immensely and nothing can be distinguished.

Example: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

FWIW, it also happened to previously made annotations once I uploaded my PDFs to Paperpile. Is there a way to fix it? I really like the app but if it’s not possible to work this out I will have to move on to another manager.


Thanks for reaching out here as well as via chat, @alceballosa - glad you were able to get some clarification by that via. As Hoda explained there, the line thickness you used In PDF Expert is thinner than our “lowest” available value, so the conversion causes disruptions on our end. The matter is now on the team’s radar so hopefully they’ll be able to implement solutions (or more thickness settings) over future updates.