Mendeley import failing

I’m trying to import papers from Mendeley. However, every time I click on Connect to Mendeley, I get:

The Chrome extension encountered a problem and needs to be reloaded. This shouldn’t happen often, and the error has been logged. If the problem persists, please contact

As instructed, I am requesting support :wink:

I can see the error in the logs. We have not seen this before so I’m afraid there is no quick answer. We will look into that and follow up with you.

Thanks, looking forward to an update.

Should be fixed now. Was a very strange bug that only occurred when the window size was an uneven number of pixels. This together with some subtle changes in the extensions API for popup windows in Chrome 45 prevented the authentication popup from showing correctly.

Worked great! Thanks!
The only thing that did not get synced are the bibtex keys, but I can live with that :slight_smile:

Hello all,

I am now having the exact same problem. Can you please advise?

Welcome to our forum, @Plinio_Morita! Is this persisting? Clearing the browser’s cache, restarting it and signing out/in would be things to try.

Otherwise, please confirm what email you are using with Paperpile so we can take a look in the back end. You may also reach out to us via chat or email ( if preferred.