Merge records easily

It would be really useful to have a quick method to merge duplicate records.


It’s already possible to merge duplicates, have you tried this:

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I am looking for a manual method for merging records as I have several records which are not automatically recognised as duplicates.


That’s not possible at the moment. However, please have a look at my comment from another thread on this topic:


+1 on this feature too. The URL trick is nice to know, thanks @stefan. However, one need to add it then remove it again in order to merge the next pair.

Since better detection of duplicates is a heavy project, a simple feature of “merge selected” would probably be simpler and very useful! Thanks :slight_smile:

Agreed. Cool trick, but when you get the resources this would be a useful, time -saving feature.

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I know this is an old conversation, but given that we can search and select records, it would be terrific if we could merge records this way. The workaround is great, but also cumbersome. I tried importing a .bib file and over 1400 pdfs from another manager (Qiqqa) and there are over 600 entries where the PDF was not associated with the bibtex entry. I have to go through and merge them manually, which could take 10 hours or more.

Since the merge feature is there, I think being able to select two (or more) records and then clicking a ‘merge’ button at the top would be a huge help to people like me, who are already working with other PDF managers but want to start using Paperpile full time.

Thanks for considering. :pray:

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Yes!!.. Manual method for merging records is a god one…

I’ve tried the duplicate merge method manually. It’s indeed a good option. I like it. Very time saving actually!

The topic is tagged “completed”. Does this mean that it is possible to manually merge multiple references (without using the URL workaround)? If not, I too would appreciate this feature. Thanks!

Me too. I wish this functionality goes to the More actions… button when two or more duplicated same docs are selected. Thanks!

can’t see this image

Welcome to our forum, @EastCoastGeek! Thanks for letting us know – the image has been updated.