Metadata collection on Android?

How can I initiate metadata search for pdf file on Android. I have uploaded a few pdfs but they stay as pdfs and are not recognized as articles. Any hints?

We are not yet able to parse metadata from PDFs on mobile, but it’s on our wishlist. Also adding your +1 to the topic on our tracker.

What would be a suggested workflow to add the metadata later then, after uploading from android?
I have added a PDF via android and now would like to add the metadata from my computer but can’t seem to find out how to. Downloading, reuploading and then deleting the original on computer should be a workaround, but is there a better way?

Edit the record, add doi or isbn then update.

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As @Petro suggests, adding the DOI to the record in your library and then running an Auto-Update (Shift+A) is the best option here. Re-uploading on computer should work otherwise. As I mentioned, we do hope to offer this on mobile in a future update.