Metadata included in the <head> section of the html page

Hi. Is there any difference in the way Paperpile and Paperpile Google Doc Add-on retrieves metadata from the section?.

If I visit this page Trovare Repositorio Institucional and click Paperpile button, then the document is successfully added to my library with all the metadata extracted from tags available in section.

It is not the same with Google docs add-on. If I cite that link, I get no metadata retrieved.
Where is the problem?


Thanks for the report, @Diego_Spano. I reproduced like you indicated and compared with other papers for which the add-on did fetch metadata; the only difference I noticed so far was the presence of a DOI / PMID. This might be the reason why the add-on mistakenly imports the paper you sent as a website reference, so for the time being my only suggestion would be to import via the extension and cite directly from your library.

In any case, I’m consulting with the dev team and will let you know if there are any better suggestions (or an eventual fix). Let me know if there’s anything else.

Thanks a lot Vicente. My digital library has no DOI for documents but have all metadata (dc and citation_*) as meta in head section. I would expect that the extension and the addon have the same behaviour. Let me know what dev team suggest!.
Thanks again.


Hi Vicente. Did you have any feedback from dev team?.


Thanks for the follow-up @Diego_Spano and sorry about the delay here. The team confirmed this import limitation is related to how the add-on is coded; a fix would entail customizing and injecting javaScript for that specific site (or any others with the same conditions) which we unfortunately don’t have resources to develop right now. I’m adding the topic to our internal tracker for it to be prioritized when possible.

For now please just use the extension whenever you notice this issue. Sorry I don’t have a nicer workaround to share!

Thanks Vicente.