Metadata tag for code relating to paper

Allow Paperpile to see if there is related code to the paper and add its link to a code metadata tag

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Currently I manually add code and link in the notes, but it would b amazing how similar to “website” link on the paper, I could easily click code link

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Welcome to the Paperpile community, @fadh and @ekatant23! I’ve recorded your feedback for including the link to computer code as a metadata field for consideration by the team at a future date. There are a few possible workarounds that I can offer:

  1. If the code is in a supplementary file, you can link it to the paper by selecting the reference, right-clicking on the link, and selecting Paperpile > Attach linked file to…
  2. If you would like to include a URL to a GitHub/Dryad/Zenodo etc. repository with the reference metadata, you could add the URL to the notes field, as suggested by @ekatant23
  3. If the data/code has a DOI, you could try saving the link as a separate reference with the extension.