MetaPDF keeps losing connection to the internet

Hi there,
MetaPDF is an awesome service. Easy to use and nicely designed.
One problem I’ve noticed so far is the constant notifications of lost internet connection, even though my cable connection should be stable. Is there a way to hide these notifications or make the internet connection test less strict?
The constant “offline/connected” notifications pop-ups are rather distracting. A simple red/green dot next to the document’s sync with Google Drive status, will make this less distracting.

We do not offer a service called MergePDF. Are you sure you are in the right forum. This forum is about Paperpile, a academic reference manager.

Sorry, my mistake. I meant to write MetaPDF.
And I understand from your other post you don’t support it.

Yes, please have a look at my comment in you other thread. Sorry for all the confusion.