MetaPdf/Paperpile Beta Viewer Bug: Annotation text missing

Using the current Paperpile Annotations Viewer and using a PDF with annotations generated by another PDF Reader (in this case PDF Expert 6 by Readdle on an iPad), the MarkupText is often missing words or parts of sentences at the beginning or end.

The PDF’s contain proper annotations (subtype: Highlight) and using Adobe Acrobat DC, selecting the highlight and doing rightclick->copy text grabs the entire text. It seems like Paperpile/MetaPDF is mis-interpreting the boundaries of the annotation somehow?

Could you send us the file in the in-app support chat or via email to

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve sent an example *.pdf to your email.

Am I imagining things or did the new Beta PDF viewer/annotator (2018-06-23) fix these issues?

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Hi Alexander! Indeed this was one of things we improved in the Beta. I am really glad to hear it works well for you.