Method to have "Edit Details" window and PDF displayed at same time?

When I select the “Edit” button, the “Edit Details” window appears and covers the entire screen making it impossible to refer to a PDF when typing in the edit details. Is there a way to have the PDF and “Edit Details” window displayed at the same time?


Yeah, or at least adding an “open PDF” button to the edit window, so that you can jump into the PDF directly.



A potential workaround would be to have two Paperpile tabs/windows open: one for editing, and one for opening PDFs (which would open on a third tab, of course). If you use different windows like I did below, you can arrange it all in one screen.

I’m pretty sure this is in our plans. We have a significant list of ‘small’ feature requests which we intend to start implementing soon - most likely once we’ve released the apps :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the workaround @vicente. I will use your suggestion until you there is with a proper fix. :slightly_smiling_face: