MHRA style is not inserting "ibid" where the citation is the same as previous?

PhD student new to using a citation manager, and new to using Paperpile.

So I am wondering why when I set the default style & Document Style to MHRA it doesn’t insert “ibid” for footnotes referring to the same source as the previous? Is there something i need to change?

I am pretty sure this is required for MHRA

From what I can gather, there is an ongoing debate about whether ibid should be used or not. As a result, many styles t\do not implement ibid rules.

That said, here are modified MHRA styles which use the ibid rule.
mhra-note-ibid.csl (16.0 KB)
mhra-author-date-ibid.csl (10.6 KB)

To add them, go to the gear in the upper right --> Settings --> Citation Styles --> Upload CSL file.

It is useful for me i have many problem make ciatation paper

Nov 2022 - MHRA Note, with ibid.

So the MHRA csl files Jason made for me years ago, don’t quite work. The ibid and the general formatting works BUT in the bibliography section, the repeated references have " \x97\x97\x97" instead of the long stroke ---------

Oh and a second problem is I need a USA quotation marks, MHRA, with Ibid,
The CSL files above give UK single quotes as default. I need USA double quotes. How do I edit the CSL files?

@LukasEcho you can search for and edit the citation style on this page. A detailed guide to getting started with editing styles is here.

OK Thanks. This Visual CSL Editor seems useful. I managed to edit the MHRA Modern Humanities Research Association 3rd edition (note with bibliography) to USA style double quotation marks. However, I can’t work out how to switch on the “ibid” for repeated citations.

Does anyone know where I can find the ibid options?

@LukasEcho glad to hear you have been able to use the online CSL editor. The last reply on in-text citations on this post might be helpful.