Migrating Groups from EndNote

I have hundreds references in EndNote that I am trying to migrate to PaperPile. The references were all sorted into groups in EndNote. When I migrated them into PaperPile, they were all put into a single folder with no labels or grouping. Is there a way to re-do the migration so that the groups are preserved, each group becomes a separate folder, or each group becomes a label?

Thanks so much!

Thanks for the query, @imk, and welcome to our forum! I’m afraid there’s no automated way to achieve this at the moment, although the team is currently rewriting our extension and import workflows so there should be improvements in this regard soon :crossed_fingers:t4:

In the meantime, uploading in batches would be the way to go. Folders can be created upon upload, and the Duplicates filter (on the right-hand side column of the library) can be used to clean things up if necessary.

Hi @vicente, I found your response as I’m migrating to Paperpile from EndNote. Is there an update on this problem? Is there a way to keep groups and folders from EndNote directly in Paperpile?

Thanks for the help.