Migrating to a new Google (Apps) account

To solve various legal and technical issues, I have migrated to a new paid Google Apps account. However, I wish to retain my current Paperpile account. While it is easy enough to move papers from one Google Drive Folder to another, it is quite impossible to log in with my old account in the Paperpile extension (which automatically picks up whatever is the Chrome sign in).

Does this mean, I have to mandatorily make a new Paperpile account, or can my Paperpile license at least be migrated to my new Google Apps account ?

For most Google services, it is possible to have multiple logins. Paperpile picks the login automatically, and the extension never even asks for which account I would like to use.

The license can easily migrated to a new account. Just send us an email and we switch the license from your old account to the new one.

In principle, you can use a Paperpile account under a different Google account than the one that is used for the current Chrome profile. You just need to go to Paperpile Reference Manager and then go to https://paperpile.com/reauthorize

But we recommend not mixing Google accounts. So if your new account is your main account you are planning to use in the future, we suggest starting a new Paperpile account under this account.

We hope to finally have an automatic migration tool later this fall. At the moment it’s unfortunately not a one-click solution and you would need to export and re-import the data. See the discussion here:

A migration tool is a MUST HAVE option.

I’ve already left the school with my Paperpile account, and will be joining a new school at the end of the summer. I asked for special permission to keep my old GAFE acct over the summer, and now have my new GAFE acct. I need to migrate my library to that new GAFE account by the end of August at the very latest.

This is a obviously a very common occurrence! To be frank, Paperpile can’t be considered a mainstay academic option until such a capability exists. I’m even one of those who is just fine accepting the tradeoff of not having an MS Word version and the need to work out of one Google Account to live with all the other Pros of Paperpile !!

Thus, I have to ask again: What is the status of a migration tool ???

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Please contact support for help with migrating your account.