Minor bug: Copy citation paste order

I’m trying to create an annotated bibliography. So I narrowed down my sources to a select group, and ordered them in Paperpile according to author. One of the authors has the last name “de Letter.” When I sort according to author, he appears at the top before “Dulles” like he’s supposed to. Then I hit “Select All”, then “Cite” --> “Citation”, and paste the results into a document. When I do this, “de Letter” is now found between “Jensen” and “Masterson” because the copier interpreted “de Letter” as “L.”

What if I remove the space between “de” and “Letter” so that the last name is “deLetter”? Then he appears at the top of the copied list like he should. So, something about having a space between parts of a last name is throwing off the copy citation function.

PS: I already consulted this: Cite - Copy to Clipboard Order. This wasn’t the problem.