Missing authors in Google Docs bibliography with IEEE

I have a paperpile item - 1 shared paper | Paperpile - which clearly has authors given. I cited this in a paper I’m writing in Google Docs and using the Google Docs add-on. The references must be in IEEE format. All other references are correct except this one: the authors are missing!

I have no idea what’s going on.

Anyone got any suggestions?

pls share the citation in google docs, and the paperpile paper

Ok, this is weird. I created a new google doc and added the citation to the paper in question.
It formatted properly.

I removed it from the original, reinserted it from scratch, and the authors were missing.

I then copied the “[2]” citation from the new paper to the original and reformatted the references.

Now the authors show in the original as well.

No idea what I did. But disaster has been averted, so I’m very satisfied.

Glad to hear you got this sorted, @FilSalustri. Should you run into any similarly strange behavior, it’s a good idea to delete the in-text citation, then visit the top menu option Paperpile > View all references, delete the item from there as well and then re-insert the citation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again here or via chat/email if there’s anything else.

Thanks @Bruce_Borkosky for your usual helpful disposition! :1st_place_medal: