Missing date when reference cited

Hi PP,

I am a new use and after 40 years of using other bibliography software, I LOVE PP. Se easy and user-friendly

2 problems I have encountered through.

One is a book reference in PP main library, BUT when i add it to the paper in GD it will NOT show the date of publication. The date IS in the PP reference but it will NOT show in citation Or bibliography in the paper.

Second is that sometimes when citing PP refs in the paper, I spot a mistake or missing data. I go back to PP, correct the error in the reference THEN do an ‘update’ of the paper and its citations via the sidebar or of the individual reference. BUT nothing changes. The errors or omissions are still there, even though I have fixed them in PP and updated.

Can you help/advise
Cheers and best wishes,


When a reference does not update with new metadata it is usually because the document-specific copy of the reference has been unlinked from the library copy. When this is the case, go to Paperpile --> View all references, in the Google Docs menu (or Manage references, in the sidebar menu). This will open a page to the document-specific copies where you can edit the metadata there.

Note that editing a reference on that page is generally the act which unlinks the reference, so in general avoid editing references there that are working.