Mobile import problems with IACR ePrint

Both the Android and iOS applications have trouble importing from IACR ePrint. (Example link). When I share that link with the mobile Paperpile app I get an “Incomplete” item of the “website” type with no information other than the URL and (optionally) the PDF attached.

When I import using the Chrome plugin on a computer, it does the correct thing. (Journal Article, with full metadata).

This is a major problem for me as it means that when I’m not at my computer all that I can do is assemble a list of links to later import rather than do so directly from my phone and iPad.

Finally, as a feature request, could you please finally add support for IARC ePrint from the “Add Papers → Search Online” menu? It would be really helpful to be able to search for titles there, or even by ePrint identifiers. (Example ideal search string for the example link above would be something like eprint 2020/1456). I think that this was considered in 2019 but doesn’t seem to have happened.

Edit to add: The only way that I’ve found will import things correctly is:

  • Using Chrome with the Paperpile plugin
  • Navigate to the page on IACR
  • Use the Paperpile icon in the toolbar to import the paper

Every other technique fails.

Welcome to our forum, @SalusaSecondus, and thanks for the report – I was able to reproduce the import issue on mobile and have let the team know. I also mentioned your feedback regarding Search Online and included it on our tracker so we can look into the possibility of adding/improving support for this particular database. Will let you know when I hear back.

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