More than 300 references deleted and still missing some

Has anybody else experience references al of the sudden being deleted? I just had to restore more than 300 references that were if the trash, that I did definitely not delete. Furthermore, I have references I know I have used in a document that I cannot find :pensive:

Thank you for letting us know @ibdj and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Did these issues happen with the new Paperpile (in beta), the old app, or while using the mobile app? Can you recall what actions you took before you noticed the deleted references so that the team can reproduce the issue? Let me know.

Hi @suzanne Thank you for getting back to me. I notices the problem in the new paperpile in Brave browser. I have the iPadOS app and here it had synced the error (deleting >300 references and only 8 remaining). The missing reference I am now finding had to do with the search being very limited.

Thank you for your report @ibdj. This is what the team tried:

  • Use the iPad app, then afterwards open the new Paperpile on Brave, check if the papers were in the trash
  • Use the new Paperpile on Brave, then go to the iPad app, check if the papers were in the trash.

In either case, they did not encounter this issue.

Which of these actions did you take? Or did you do something else? Any details you could provide may be helpful for reproducing the error.

Hi @suzanne Thanks for getting back to me.
It was the second option for me; I noticed the deletion when I when to the browser first.

@suzanne It just happened again! This time from Safari browser. I am back to 13 references and more than 303 deleted.
I have to say I am quite shocked by this. I don’t intent to pay for a reference manager where I risk loosing references due to random deletions.
I hope you are able to look in to this.

Hi @suzanne I didn’t specifically mean to change to email, so maybe easier to keep track here. Answers to your questions here:

  • What actions did you take in the new Paperpile? Add references (if so, how? via extension, search online, or another method?), search for references, or something else?
    No specific action. I just opened Paperpile and saw the references in the trash
  • When you open the mobile app on iPad, do you immediately see the references are missing, or did you take actions like searching before discovering the references are in the trash?
    Yes, immediately, as I open at saw I was in ‘All references’ and there was only about 8
  • Your latest forum post suggests that you opened the new Paperpile in the Safari browser on your iPad, where you discovered missing references. Is this what you did? The new Paperpile is not yet designed or optimized for browsers on mobile devices. Instead, you should use the Paperpile mobile app on your iPad.
    No, when I open in a browser it is on MacOS. My main use for the Paperpile is to import via a Browser (Safari or Brave) as I have been testing the beta import botton for Safari. So I mainly use the browser for import and the iOS app for reading (and on iPad only using the app)
  • Are you using the new Paperpile exclusively on mobile devices? The new Paperpile is a web app built for browsers operating on computers, not mobile devices.
  • The new Paperpile is still in beta so please keep in mind that unexpected things can happen at this early stage. Remember that you can switch back fully to the old Paperpile via the Switch back button in the bottom left of the web app, which is stable and has all features available and working on Chrome on computers.
    If you think that it is realistic that this issue arose from the use of the new Paperpile, I will most definitely switch, but other than this I have been very happy with the new Paperpile

Hi @suzanne I will just add another note. I Just switched to the old PaperPile (in Brve Browser), because duplicates search is not available in the new PaperPile, but I noticed that there are more references in new PaperPile, than what I had in the new.

Thank you for answering my questions and taking the time to follow up @ibdj. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused by these sync issues. Can you log out of the iPad app and log back in again, which will do a full sync there, and let us know how that goes?

When you said you had more references, did you mean in the old or new Paperpile web app? One thing that could have happened is that you saved references with the new Paperpile extension in Brave or Safari and they did not sync with the old web app and mobile app, which would mean you observed more references in the new web app than the old web app. Alternatively, you observed more references in the old app than the new app because you deleted references in the new app and the deletions did not sync, or perhaps you did something different to those two scenarios.

Let me know so that the team can attempt to reproduce and again, I’m sorry for all the trouble. And remember you can always back up your data, by going to your email in the top right of the web app and selecting Settings > Export:

Hi @suzanne

My iPad has now synced, so all the references are all there now, as far as I can tell.

There were more references in the old PaperPile. But I never delted as many as 300 reference from the new nor the old PaperPile.
I will most definitely make a back up now, thank you for reminding me.

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Thank you for the update @ibdj. If you do choose to use the new Paperpile again, please go to Settings > Feature Preview, switch the toggle to activate the new Paperpile, and please wait for your library to load and sync (do not refresh until completed).