Moving PaperPile to another Google account

Given that PaperPile is tied to a Google account, and that many academics and students will use a university-specific account, I wonder what the process will be when the inevitable happens and we need to move to another account. PDFs are saved, of course, and there are export options for the library. My concern is the process of re-linking all the PDFs in a new account - yuck. Is there a secret behind-the-scenes way in which you could wholesale move the account, including links to the user’s PDFs, to a new Google Drive account?


That’s an important issue. We are well aware of it and we hope to have a simple migration tool very soon. Actually, it’s something we are working on right now.


That’s great. I know it has prevented a couple of colleagues from making the switch to PaperPile, so knowing that it will be possible at some point will reduce the friction. Thanks for the response.

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Any updates on this migration feature? I am looking to move to my university account and would love a simple migration :smile:


I’m sorry no news on this front. It turned out to be harder than expected. Now I understand why not even Google has automatic migration tools for their apps.

However, I understand the need for simple migration. I migrated my Evernote data to Google Keep recently. That was a manual copy/paste thing to begin with. After an hour or so I realized I was using a wrong Google account. There is no way to get your Keep Data from one account to another.

Gotcha, OK. Then I guess to do a manual transfer to my business google drive account I should

  1. Revoke access for my current email? (will wait for reply before I blow things up)
  2. Give access to new gmail account
  3. Copy paperpile PDFs to import folder in new paperpile google drive?

Any help on this would be useful so I don’t suffer too much :smile:

Off topic, how do you like Google keep as evernote replacement?


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No actually, that won’t work. I wish it was that easy. Send us a quick note through the in app messenger and we can give you instructions.

Re: Google Keep. I never really liked Evernote, especially their Chrome extension is clumsy. Google Keeps chrome extension is very nice (fast and clean, it will definitely inspire Paperpile’s import going forward).

The main problem I have with Keep is related to multiple accounts, as for most Google products. Another issue is that it’s not possible to share labels with others (only individual notes). That makes it only useful as a private tool and not for work stuff where I would like to collaborate with my colleagues.

This is a MUST HAVE option.

I’ll be switching schools a by the end of the summer, and need to migrate my library to a new GAFE account by the end of August at the very latest.

What is the status of a migration tool ???




Please contact support for help with migrating your account.

Any update on the migration issue?
I will soon have to do that and would love the feature.


I have exactly the same problem. I’ve changed universities and need to migrate my folders to my new account.

Is there any solution?

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The solution is still to contact us and we will guide you through the migration process.

Any updates on this topic?
Does the transfer require exporting my library (to either CSV and BibTeX) and then transfer the PaperPile folder form the old Google drive account to the new one?


We still recommend against migrating since the process is imperfect. However, for those for which it is necessary, or those who are determined, we have written this guide, which has been working pretty well.

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Hi all,
My Google Workspace account is being closed, and I need to transfer my PaperPile account - including subscription information - and data to a personal Google account. Is the guide linked in the previous message the most up-to-date process?

@Nick_Anderson The guide in the link above is up-to-date, but if you’ve any other questions about the migration process, don’t hesitate to reach out.

@suzanne Thanks for the confirmation! The transition went smoothly, but it was tedious, as the linked resource warned.
I did have one additional question:
I transferred my license number to my new account and canceled repayments from my old account. Will I be able to purchase a new key or will I renew my existing key using my new Paperpile email when I need to renew next year? Some of the options were a little different than what was described at the end of the linked resource.

That will be really cool:)

Glad to hear that the transition went smoothly, @Nicholas_Anderson! Our subscription specialist has reached out to you to help you with this.