MS Word citation when supress-author unwanted comma and space kept with date

Any reason why the comma and space remain after suppress-author active on Word? No problem with APA style on GoogleDoc.

Aunger and Curtis (, 2016) hold that

Word for Mac 2016. All plugins are up-to-date. reinstalled as well.

Any hints?


@marem, did you continue experiencing this issue? It doesn’t seem to be happening on our end - no comma or space when suppressing author in APA 7 or APA 6.

If it’s persisting for you, could you please send us a document where it happens and the plugin log file so the team can have a look? The easiest way to find the log is through the “P” icon on Word > Preferences > Send Log File, then attach the paperpile-logs.txt file to your message (via chat or email