Multiple and independent notes?

Hi Paperpile Team,
Thanks for this beautiful tool, works great.

I used (and still use) Zotero, and there are two very usteful tools Zotero has :

  • several notes can be created for a same reference ;
  • independent notes can be created.

I really like these features, it is really useful in my workflow. Not sure how many people would benefit …


This is on our roadmap and going one step further we want to combine that with annotations and notes made in PDFs.


This would be really useful. Another suggestion would be to provide a WYSIWYG text editor in notes so that text could be formatted and insert links to another papers o external content.

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Totally agree !

Thanks very much Stefan for your answer !

I second sergio_luna’s suggestion to be able to do some formatting of text in notes. For me, being able to use bullet points in notes would be particularly helpful.

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Great! The only part of my workflow which I have not been able to easily sort with Paperpile is the creation of quotations/notes on PDFs I read on ipad (my preferred reading device). At the moment I sync the starred papers directory to PDFExpert and when finished export the annotations into an html file back into that same directory, then manually copy/paste into Paperpile notes field.

Ideally I would love it if any highlighted text could be made automatically available as a note, much as with happens in Sente for iPad. It would also be super if it could have some awareness about page numbers in the reference - for example I have a number of PDFs that are journal articles whose actual page nos are e.g. 456-487, and while some platforms produce properly numbered PDFs so that the PDF viewer maintains that pagination, many simply have the numbers 1-31 and thus everything has to be manually changed later to associate the quotes/notes with the correct page.

I also endorse the styled text option for notes, once again I like to highlight quotes in PDFs that I might use in a paper and being able to retain italics from original easily would be most useful.

Many thanks!