Multiple bibliographies in a single Google Doc

Is it possible to have multiple bibliographies in a single Google Doc? When one prepare grants, each section needs a separate bibliography. But I like to keep everything in a single document as it makes changes easier to implement.

I hope this is a good suggestion for a new feature.

It’s definitely a good suggestion, although it’s really tough to implement because it would change fundamentally how our Google Docs plugin works. So I’m afraid it’s something we will not be able to add anytime soon.

Another reason to do this would be for sources from different languages. Many journals want different language sources grouped together in sub-sections.

UPDATE: And in some cases primary and secondary sources are listed separately.

How would that work technically? You cite your sources but how would you tell the reference manager what’s a primary or secondary source?

Does EndNote or Zotero supports this? If so do you know how this would work?

Zotero does not seem to, Endnote does, but only in the use-case described by @bhaibeka above. See here:

For the use cases I’m describing it would be more of a sorting issue. I see PP has language codes available for entries, so sorting by language would be theoretically possible. (One could add headers inbetween sections after.) [Note, being able to add the same language tag to multiple entries at once is another situation were bulk-editing of entries would be useful.]

For primary and secondary sources Endnote offers this solution (using labels):