Multiple Starred folders

I love the starred folder feature. It is one of the main reasons I use Paperpile because it allows me to have a read-later folder on google drive synced to my iPad that is quick and intuitive to open in pdf expert. However, I’ve realised I use the starred folders for multiple things – quick access to papers I need for a current project, and papers that I intend to read later and need to review. Would it be possible to have different types of starred papers for this process? Or else, some option to temporarily copy files to folders based upon tags?

Thanks for sharing your use case, Dominic. Different versions of this request have been brought up before and we agree it would be quite useful, so I’ve added your +1 to our internal tracker.

Currently there isn’t much much wiggle room on this topic because of the way our sync to Google Drive is structured (and the limited permissions we get from Google), but it is something we hope to diversify/improve moving forward. We have plans for a significant rewrite of our sharing system which I believe might affect this once implemented.

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