New Feature Idea - AutoHighlight/Capture References - Thoughts?

Background For A Feature Idea: I’ve learned how useful it is that when I highlight areas in a research paper that includes citations, as soon as I finish the highlight, I scroll to the references area to find the cited articles that were included in my highlight, and I highlight those in the same color where I captured them in the main narrative. This way, I can easily find the specific references later when I write my paper, and I don’t necessarily use all references a reviewed article includes. It’s also handy later when I search for those articles in Google Scholar or University Library Databases.

The feature idea is to have a smart algorithm running that notes when there are citations included in a highlight. If a user has checked a box to automatically capture the reference details of these cited articles from the reference section, a script would run to find those included citations and highlight them, or alternatively, offers the user the choice to add them one at a time (meaning a user could skip those they may not want) or all at once. What do all of you think? Would this be helpful to anyone else?



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I also do this - so if there was a way of doing it automatically that would be brilliant!