New google citation functionality rolled out for gdocs

Hi, I noticed that there is now a built in “Citations” option under “Tools” in gdocs.
Do you know what google’s plans are for this? It seems a lot less capable at the moment. Will paperpile be able to work in the context of this tool?

Thansk for pointing this out, @Bjorn_Johansson. No idea about the plans for this feature; it’s actually not the first time Google rolls out something like this - the function was titled ‘Research’ in 2014.

As for capabilities, it’s hard to compare. It’s like comparing the built-in reference tool in Word with EndNote. It’s been there forever, but people use EndNote (or Paperpile now :star2: ) for a reason. The GDocs tool has even fewer features - it just copies flat citations in 3 styles with manual data input.

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