New PDF Annotator Public Beta 🖍


Thanks man. You people are doing god’s work.


I like to have “page width” view turned on by default. But when I make an annotation, or search and the side panel opens, the width becomes very small and the text hard to read. This would make sense if there was something on the right side of the screen, but it is all blank. (Let me know if you need screen shots.)

And, like someone above, this is made worse by having different page widths in the same document, so even when the side panel is closed it is smaller than it should be… but that is a separate issue from what I’m flagging here.


Yes, there is currently a bug whereby the right side panel does not always start in a collapsed state. We will fix this with the next update.


Any plans on implementing a dark mode ? That’d be super useful.


The latest update should fix the missized margins problem. We don’t currently have a solution for PDFs with differently-sized pages, that problem is not easy to get right and users always have the zoom settings, so we will revisit it at a later point.

Dark mode is on the roadmap, but I can’t yet say when it will be added.


Hi Jirka, I would like to have the ability (as it is implemented in adobe reader), to highlight individual words by double clicking (highlight) is first turned on, of course). Thanks


I seem to have an issue where I lost all of the annotations on one of my paper when using the new PDF annotator one on computer but when opened up on another computer they are still there. Is there some sync issue?



Hi Adam,

thanks for the report. It seems the persistent connection the PDF Annotator is using has a bug in it and the annotator failed to load the annotations from our backend. Closing and reopening the PDF should help, but I will investigate the underlying issue further.


Hi, I just started using the annotation beta yesterday, and this is my first post in the forum at all so I hope that I’m doing the correct thing.

I wonder if there is a way currently or planned to filter papers in paperpile by annotation or to export annotations?

Many thanks,



So far so good with the new annotator! A minor request - it would be great for URLs in comments to be made automatically clickable (e.g. open in new tab). On a related issue, there seem to be some line-wrap problems in the display of comments - see the screenshot:


Thanks, Mark


Oh and another minor niggle on inserting comments - I would expect that if I highlight some text and click “Add comment” that the default insert position is somewhere close to the highlight (start/end?) rather than at the centre of the view (?).


Thank you for sending that. It should be possible to add links and fix the line wrapping. W.r.t. the highlight that is bug; the intended behavior is that the selected area gets highlighted and a comment panel is opened for it. However, this does not seem to happen whenever opening the comments panel results in the page getting resized. We will get this fixed.


Great, thanks! I should (!) be reading a bunch of papers in the next few days, so will ping back if I have any more questions or comments…


Dear Paperpile team. Thanks for a great PDF annotator update!

Here is one feature that I think will be useful for many of us:
When I am reading a paper using Paperpile’s PDF viewer, I often click on the references. A “back” button that would allow me then to jump back to the page where I was reading would be great!

Thanks alot,

PS: Could you please invite me to the private Paperpile Android beta?


Thanks for the suggestion. We have in fact already built this in a hidden way: the browsers’ back keyboard shortcut should work for bringing you back to where you were in the paper.


@jirka any plans to make it available outside of Paperpile? Can you add this to the feature request list?

I use PDF annotator while reviewing papers, and for obvious reasons I do not want to add those to Paperpile. The annotator is very nice, and it would be great to use it outside of Paperpile (as was the case with the previous generation MetaPDF).


This is planned, although we are a bit preoccupied with the getting out the Word beta at the moment.


The new beta PDF viewer is working fine, but it’s missing the MetaPDF features of viewing/exporting highlights. If gives a little message saying “we’re currently working on this feature.” which I assumed would happen soon, but it’s been missing for months. Since there isn’t the option of reverting to the older MetaPDF in Paperpile, it’s a loss of a essential feature for me – so much so that I occasionally just go into Google Drive and open the PDF in MetaPDF from there so I can export highlights.

PS - I might not need to export highlights if there was a way to work with highlights (search/tag) from within the main Paperpile interface :wink:.


In addition to “page width” I’d love to have a “text width” option. When the sidebars are open on my laptop the page margins take up too much space, making the text small, but if you were to judge the width of the text itself it could go much wider…


That’s an interesting idea. Thanks for the suggestion.