New PubMed - no PaperPile buttons. Enable linking to the legacy site?

Hi, I don’t see the Paperpile import button anywhere on the new PubMed site. Any chance the PaperPile devs could enable access to the legacy site while they are working out the bugs with the new?

It’s there for me in the search page if you scroll the page down. Every time you load more I have to scroll down till they show up and they typically do

@XZF is this still happening? We’ve received varying performance reports of the import button as we continue to adapt to the new PubMed interface, but as @heumed kindly mentioned - the buttons should be there. Did you perhaps try refreshing the extension via More Tools > Extensions on the Chrome menu, then switching it on/off?

I’m afraid we have no access to the legacy site. Please let us know if the issue persists, here or via chat/email (

Yes, now the buttons are visible in the search results view of new PubMed. Still not present in Similar Articles view, nor in single-article view.
Legacy PubMed is still accessible, at

Thanks for the clarification and the tip! I had misunderstood about the legacy site, glad it’s still accessible :dizzy:

Hi @vicente,
I just figured out a pathway where the paperpile button reproducibly fails to load. I typically have pubmed programmed as a search engine in Edgium (Microsoft’s new Chromium based Edge) and when I access pubmed that way (pubmed engine short cut > type search > Enter) paperpile buttons don’t load in the search results page.

However if I navigate to the site and type up the search string, they do.

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I am seeing the buttons, but when I click them, the import fails. Also they do not indicate if I already have a paper in my library. I’ve been using the new PubMed site since it opened without issue, so I think this is the result of a Paperpile update bug.