New Web of Science not recognizing papers


It looks like Paperpile cannot find papers on the new version of Web of Science and can only import entries as a website reference. Anyone else experiencing this?


I don’t have a solution, but I am experiencing the same thing for the new version of Web of Science.

To give more context for troubleshooting/support: There is no longer a “button” on the search results page to add to Paperpile. Instead, you have to open each article’s page and use the extension in the browser “toolbar.” Using that method, Paperpile wants to add the reference as a website (the specific page on Web of Science).

The Paperpile button still shows up in Google Scholar, suggesting it is an issue with the new version of Web of Science and not an extension-wide problem.

hmmmm… something seems to have happened. Paperpile is now recognizing (finding) papers in Web of Science but the imports into Paperpile are blank…

Thank you both for the reports & details. The team was able to identify the issue and released a fix earlier this week, so it should be working now - @M_Biel, are all papers you try to import coming up blank (without reference info)? Let us know.

It’s still not working for me. I signed out of my paperpile account and signed back and removed the paperpile chrome extension but that didn’t help.

Yes, the error I’m getting is that paperpile imports a blank references (no reference info e.g. title, journal, authors, etc). It’s not importing the pdfs either, which I know I have access to because they import in my Zotero account.


Thanks for the details @M_Biel, the team is looking into it once again. Will post any updates here.

Hi folks, any update to this?

@Ronald_Haynes1 this is already working as expected on our end - is it not the case for you? If so, please share a screenshot or recording of what you see. Not sure if @M_Biel continued experiencing this behavior as well?

Yes, I am still experiencing this issue - nothing appears to have changed with respect to the new Web of Science. Am I the only one?

Hi guys - an extension update was released last week with a fix for this issue. Please let us know if things are back to normal on your end.