No longer detecting PDFs: "Use website as reference"

'Morning everyone,
On my computer, Paperpile appears to have gotten worse at detecting PDFs. Even when the only thing in the window is a pdf, it rarely allows me to import PDF as it used to. I now have to download each PDF then re-upload to paperpile. It’s only two extra steps, but sufficiently annoying to want to fix. Does anyone know how to fix it?
Example 1:

Example 2:

This appears to work for me:

Please try reloading your extension: Go to More tools --> Extensions in the Chrome menu, then uncheck and recheck the Paperpile extension.

The first time I got to a page it works, but I can reliably break the product by:

  1. Going to a page with a PDF
  2. Clicking paperpile chrome extension
  3. Not hitting add to paperpile
  4. Clicking “back”
  5. Then opening page as a new tab

It seems to work every time, and breaks some other windows half the time.

I also see similar issues. I obviously feel paperpile is getting worse at detecting PDFs recently and I had to manually edit information very often.