Nondescript name for pdfs in Chrome tabs

I decided to use the Chrome pdf viewer to view pdfs because I need to have a text search function. However when I have many pdfs from my library open, a Chrome window has a bunch of nondescript tabs that say “filesyste…”. It would be great if the tabs were assigned unique names related to the pdf I was viewing. And also, if I choose to download a pdf loaded this way (chrome, mac) the .pdf extension is not automatically added. Are there plans to have more informative names for pdfs?

Unfortunately that’s technically not possible in Chrome. You have to choose either nice names or search.

In case you care for details. If we open the PDF directly in a tab, Chrome will always use the actual file name in the tab title and there is no way to override the name. The files are stored deep in Chromes filesystem and need to have long unique ids to make the whole system work.

The solution we had was to embed the Chrome viewer in a page on where we can set the tab name. Then we found out that makes it impossible to search the PDF, an issue well document since 2011 in chromes bug tracker.

There will be the option to use our new PDF viewer soon which will have nice tab names and search. It won’t be as fast as the built in Chrome viewer though but it will allow annotations…