Notable PDF support

I’m using Notable PDF in Google Drive to annotate my papers. It’s the best PDF editor I could find so far. The only problem is that it does not sync back to Google Drive but creates a new file in the file’s folder with the same name and the suffix “_annotated”. Would it be possible to check for these files and automatically import them into paperpile? E.g. add an option in the settings to overwrite the original file, or to keep an additional annotated version.

For privacy reasons Paperpile can’t read any files other than those you’ve created with Paperpile.

Also we don’t have plans to support Notable PDF in any way, as our own PDF annotator comes together nicely and will offer all the functionalities you get from Notable PDF.

Please have a look at the discussion here: Support for PDF annotations

We will create a private group in this forum for beta testing soon. Watch the discussion above for news.