Notes / bibliography formatting for encyclopedia articles?

I’m using the Turabian, 8th ed. to format my citations. I’m trying to cite various articles from a multi-volume encyclopedia. I have individual entries in Paperpile having the type “Encyclopedia Article.”

First of all, I’m having an issue with how to format the notes. Because it is a multi-volume encyclopedia, it seems like the volume number should appear in the citation. But it doesn’t. Is there a way to include it? I have it included in the entry information, so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be included in the note. I’m referencing in the Turabian manual.

Second, rather than have the bibliography include every single article, it would be better to have only the entire encyclopedia listed. Is there a way to have Paperpile include only a single entry for the entire encyclopedia?

This is where something like “source mapping” would be helpful. One could add an entry in Paperpile for a complex single source (encyclopedia, book with chapters contributed by individual authors, etc.), then link individual parts of that source back to that single entry somehow.