Notes when sharing a library

Hi all,

It’d be nice if the web page of a shared library included the notes of the papers. It’d also be nice if the folders had notes as well. This way we could create a curated list of references with notes for a team to browse.

I searched the forum and found a feature request for the notes of an entry to be visible with those in a shared library. I guess what I am asking requires that feature to be implemented. I also read that the sharing feature is undergoing a revamp so I am registering the above feature request in case it can be accommodated, if not already in the plans.

Thank you,

Welcome to our forum, @Savas_Parastatidis! This is indeed on our wishlist and I understand will be part of the upcoming revamp (the first version of which is due to be released in one of the next updates of the beta). In any case, I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our tracker.