One click annotation export

My current workflow is to annotate a paper, then export annotations to a knowledge management system (Obsidian) in which I am writing my proposal, manuscript etc… To do so, I typically have to go into the PDF (I rarely export on first read), click on export, click on markdown, and click copy.

It would be great if we had the option to export annotations for a reference in a default format (that can be assigned in settings) from a link in the main interface (upper right drop down arrow)
bringing this down to two clicks instead and removing the need to go into the PDF.


Added to our tracker :raised_hands:t4:


+1 This is my workflow too, and it often means I have many tabs open with Paperpile’s PDF viewer to compensate. Being able to pull them out from the list view would be great.

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+1 I’m having the same inconvenient workflow

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exact same workflow but instead of Obsidian I use Workflowy.

Also, is it possible to add (as an optional feature) a reference with a page number under every highlight/annotation? For instance,

Globally, there has been a major shift in consumption modes, with users preferring to stream dynamic content through OTT services instead of traditional cable or satellite TV subscriptions.
Ganjoo2016-iz (pg 18)

The media and entertainment industry are now experiencing an epochal shift, primarily to keep abreast of fierce competition and respond to evolving customer expectations.
Ganjoo2016-iz (pg 23)