"Open in Paperpile" results in "No papers found"

What should I do when I get “No papers found” after clicking in the “Open in Paperpile” link of a reference inside the “Paperpile citation” hover in a Google Docs document?

Reformatting or reinserting the reference does not help. It is the first time I notice this problem. For most references it works, though.


That’s strange, it’s the first time we here this problem. Does the paper exist in your library if you search manually?

Is there anything different about the papers which you can open and which you can’t. I remember you’ve been with us since the very early private beta days and it might be that some old references behave strange. We changed a bit over time.

Does it also occur for references you recently imported?

It is quite weird. At the moment I only noticed this for 2 references in a whole manuscript. All the citations along the text results in “no papers found” (for these 2 refs). I’m quite sure they use to work fine because I have opened them before. Not sure how “old” they are, but it does not seem to affect any other refs.

If I search for them it works fine, it is just the back link that hits nothing. I was suspecting it was the text editing with the track changes from google docs that might have mess up with something, but not sure.