Open PDF viewer from within Paperpile

The experimental PDF viewer is great. However, it is very much a separate web app, launching into its own tab, with a “Back to Paperpile” button. It would be great if the viewer could be part of Paperile, such that you could be viewing a paper, say, on the right-hand side of the Paperpile window, with the rest of the Paperile UI on the left.

Being able to view/read/annotate papers without having to leave Paperpile would make the research workflow that much more efficient. Bonus points if there are easy keyboard navigation shortcuts to go back and forth between using the PDF reader “sub-window” and the current Paperpile UI.


Is your request similar to what has been discussed here?:

I definitely add my vote, but with the choice of having the freedom to choose the layout between having the paper view on the left or right (or at the top or bottom) with the rest of the Paperpile UI on the opposing side.

+Darren_McDonald Yes, it is identical to what is dscussed in that thread.

Thanks for the request, Dan, and @Darren_McDonald for linking to the other thread. As I mentioned over there, this is a topic we want to tackle in the near future as we will soon be able to prioritize general improvements and the addition of features to our product.