Open PDF Viewer in Chrome

Hi, I have not used Paperpile for some time. I opened Paperpile yesterday to start prepping a new paper and tried to read a pdf in the Paperpile viewer hoping to be able to annotate it and make some notes. Instead of the Paperpile viewer, I am taken into the basic Chrome viewer with no annotation options. This page presents no options to change viewers and I cannot find any in Chrome or Paperpile settings.

Outside of Paperpile, I can click on a PDF in Drive and the Kami PDF editor I have installed opens up as usual. All the apps I have installed on Chrome are updated.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated

Hi, problem solved. I had been looking in the wrong place for the pdf viewer options. I was tired…

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For those encountering this, the PDF viewer options are in the Browser Integration tab of the settings menu. Settings can be accessed by clicking the gear in the upper right and selecting “Settings”.

The PDF is not getting opened through the email as I have tried to open the PDF file but the file is not getting opened and it is giving outlook 0x8004010f while accessing.