Open PDF when download finished

Hi there,

Opening a pdf is only possible after searching and downloading has completed. Before that, the button doesn’t do anything. Would it be possible to make it “open when finished downloading”? As such I don’t have to come back to the menu when it has finished searching.


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Hi Wouter,

Which button are you referring to exactly?
There are three possibilities: the “Add PDF” menu in the Webapp, the “P” dialog in the Chrome toolbar and the little buttons on websites like Google Scholar or Pubmed.

I actually meant the small button in the screenshots below with the “arrow down” while downloading next to the “view in paperpile”. After downloading this button allows me to open the pdf.

But in the same fashion the button in google, again showing that downloading is ongoing and will become an “open pdf” button after downloading.

And the same on pubmed:

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Thanks for clarifying. We are actively planning a revamped version of all these buttons and workflows and will consider it. I could see how we could just react to on another click while the download is running. This click will set the button to open the PDF once it’s downloaded.

I like the idea, although we cannot promise any features before they actually appear in the app and there might be problems with this that I have overlooked.

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Thanks a lot for considering it!