Open request for a public roadmap

Hi Reece,
Thanks for this post. I’ve already addressed most of those issues throughout this forum in different contexts.

The problem with public roadmaps at this stage is that progress is not linear and progress does not always map to public features.

We are in the process to transform Paperpile from a webapp to a multiplatform solution. You can already test Paperpile on iOS, Android and our Word plugin on macOS.

That takes time, in particular because we have rewritten and extended our infrastructure massively. Why? Because it will allow us to address many of the issues raised here in the forum more easily. We already see this work paying off behind the scenes.

These efforts will translate in more feature releases also for the webapp eventually. I hope we can get to a point soon where things have settled so we can reconsider how we share roadmaps of individual features.

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