Open with Paperpile on Android, annotate on Chrome

So I just bought Paperpile (1 year subscription), and noticed that

  1. On Android, you can’t import a PDF/paper to Paperpile, like you can do with the Chrome extension (with catching the correct title, authors etc)
  2. On Chrome, you can’t annotate a PDF s.t. it’s synced with Paperpile (Paperpile web pdf reader no longer exists??)

Given I use mostly my Android tablet for reading papers, this means I will always need to go to my desktop to add a paper to paperpile, then annotate on Android.

I’m starting to regret a bit paying for this…

Hi- I’m a newbie myself, but I do both of the things you ask about, so I’ll give it a shot.

  1. I can import into Paperpile on Android, but not directly from a web browser. Instead, you can do it from within the Paperpile app. It automatically add all details and the pdf if available. Not quite as convenient as the browser extension, but not hard to use.

  2. You can definitely annotate PDFs on Chrome. I think there is a setting where you need to change it from whatever Chrome’s default PDF reader is to the Beta Paperpile PDF reader.

Hope that helps a little!


Ah there seems to be a setting to switch to the beta PDF reader in Paperpile settings/PDF Viewer! Seems to be working fine, that’s awesome thanks! :slight_smile:

And the Android app paper search function seems pretty good! OK I’m all good then, thanks Chante :slight_smile: