Opening files in metapdf is cumbersome

Hi there - am trying out metapdf and finding a file amongst my large paperpile library is a bit cumbersome. It would be useful to be able to just look at the directory of starred papers, like I do on my iPad.

You can do this from the Google Drive webapp (see screenshot)

MetaPDF is still in beta and it will be fully merged into Paperpile once we’ve tested enough and made sure it’s good enough. So the current situation is just temporary.

I’ve been trying to figure out a good workflow here as well. I don’t use stars, but you can open the PDF directly from paperpile the paperclip icon, and then clicking the google drive icon. Then you can say “open with” metapdf. (I was going to attach a screenshot, but apparently new users can’t :stuck_out_tongue: )

Still not ideal obviously, but is reasonably efficient while we wait for full integration.

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Kevin, thanks for this work-around. It has been saving me tremendous amounts of time.

Paperpile team, would it be difficult to include the same “Open With” option directly in PP? So that we could open directly into MetaPDF from the PP interface?

Sorry if you missed it. You have been able to open directly from Paperpile for a long time now. Just go to Settings > Browser Integration > PDF viewer and choose “Viewer with annotations (beta)”


Thanks Stefan, I hadn’t seen this even after 30 minute or more of google searching. Thanks for integrating this!