Opening paper with addon button defaults to legacy paperpile viewer


I noticed that when I open papers with the paperpile button (e.g. when I have already downloaded them), I get redirected to the legacy paperpile viewer, even though I set my default viewer to be the google drive viewer. I then have to go to paperpile and open the document again to get the google drive viewer (which I only use to quickly get to meta-pdf). All in all a bit cumbersome. Would be great if the app button respects the defaults set inside paperpile.

All buttons respect the setting you use in “Settings > Browser integration”. I’ve tested just now.

Which button are you talking about specifically?

I have this too… Although it happens inconsistently. When I click “view PDF” from paperpile, the document usually opens in the Google viewer, but sometimes in the paperpile viewer. If I close that tab and click “view pdf” again, it will open in the Google viewer. I can’t find a pattern to it.

Interesting. You are right, the only way for me to replicate this problem is by importing a new paper and directly from that website click on the paperpile button. Then it takes me to the legacy viewer. If I reload, it uses the browser integration settings.

This is the button I’m talking about

Thanks. Could it be that this only happens right after you added a paper? It takes a few moments to upload the file to Google Drive. Before it’s synced there is no way Paperpile can show it in Google Drive, so it shows the local copy in the default viewer.

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Yep, that must be it. Thanks!