Option of searching the papers

Search functionality is crucial to any collection of scientific papers.

A simple search field would search through titles only.

An advanced search option would include the following fields: AUTHOR, TITLE, KEYWORDS and ABSTRACT.

(I do not think that searching full-text would be feasible, esp. that many original PDFs have a range of encoding-related problems and there would necessarily be plenty of misses.)

Search should also be available in “published” (shared) folders.

What is the problem with the current search that pretty much does exactly what you suggest except that it does not offer a function to only search the title? Search is also available in shared folders already.

Apologies, didn’t pay attention to the paperpile interface.

However, there is no search option for shared folders opened outside of Paperpile (https://paperpile.com/shared/XXXXXX) - and it would be helpful to have it. Shared collections also need to be searched sometimes…

Hi @stefan
Would it be possible to include this function in search? That is, to specifically search only in the title? It would make tagging so much easier!

Very best

It’s honestly kind of mind boggling that this function doesn’t exist already. Searching big sets of papers is almost impossible now, especially if they have abstracts. Is there any plan to implement it?