Option to Sync PDF to Dropbox

I would like to be able to sync my PDF’s to Dropbox instead of Google Drive.

  1. I already pay for Dropbox and have plenty of space. I do not want to have to worry about expanding my Google drive storage.

  2. I use Linux and Google Drive does not have good integration with Linux. I can’t really make local annotations to the PDF’s have those annotations persist.

  3. The Adobe Acrobat PDF reader for Android has Dropbox integration. Annotations I make on my tablet are immediately saved to Dropbox.

I switched to Paperpile from Mendeley almost entirely for the Google Docs integration, but I don’t like the way the PDF’s are being handled.


I second this. Paperfile is an amazing reference management system but please, please, please consider providing a sync solution for Dropbox. Thank you.


We currently don’t have any plans for a Dropbox integration. We might add other platforms in the future, but as of now, there are no concrete plans for that.

Any update to this?? Google drive has so limited space and we need to use the space for other service including email. And it’s a bit inconvenient to use compared to dropbox. Being able to choose whether users want to go google drive or dropbox is an important feature and lower the total cost of paperpile for users who already pay fro dropbox. Otherwise I have to pay paperpile+dropbox+google drive!!!

No updates yet, I’m afraid. Our current focus is on releasing our mobile apps and plugin; once we’ve managed that we’ll be able to prioritize other areas of development. This has been a recurring topic so we’ll always keep it in mind.

I would like to revive this request again to enable synching with other online storage platforms. Universities and institutes usually have agreements with different platforms. I recently started my group at a university where we get Microsoft One Drive storage space. I was about to order multiple licences for my team but then I realised Paperpile doesn’t sync with other platforms. It would be great to have a work around to this. Thanks

No Dropbox sync? Sorry - no interest.

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this is really important :confused: to many people, or are you somehow connected with Google and that is why you can’t do this?

I would love to be able to upload to dropbox or onedrive or sync, my googledrive is already full (and I have a payed one)

hope that you consider this given youve finished the app (thank you!)


Welcome @niemogedalejmi1 to the forum! Paperpile is a small independent company. Your +1 for Dropbox support has been added to our tracker.


I write just to remind, that we still hope for a pdf Dropbox storage.

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