Order of labels: by formatting or manually

Feature request: possibility to order labels manually, or automatically based on formatting

I recently started using Paperpile and I really like the possibility to choose different label colours. I use different formatting depending on the type of label, e.g. blue for methods (e.g. modelling), red for research topics (e.g. plant physiology), orange for climate zone of the study area, etc. This way it’s much easier for me to organize my papers:

However, with a long (and growing) list of tags, labeling papers becomes increasingly difficult - it’s easy to miss some labels, since they can only be sorted alphabetically or by the number of uses. Being able to sort them manually, or automatically by formatting, would make it much easier to find all the necessary labels. It would also be great if the labels added to each paper followed the same order (at the moment they are ordered based on whichever was added first - and it quickly gets messy).

Many thanks,